Madisonville Family Photography | Haddock Family

We were so honored to have the chance to photograph the Haddock family! This is such a strong, special family, and we loved getting to work with them! Chelsea and Trent have been married for 6 years, and have two beautiful little girls, Reese and Shiloh, and sweet baby Oakley. Oakley has hypoplastic left heart syndrome, so his little body has had a very hectic first few months of life. He had one open heart surgery prior to our session, and 3 days after our session, successfully had another one! What a tough little guy! With such an amazing, supportive family, it’s no wonder he’s doing so well! Their faith and trust in God is so inspiring. Plus, little Oakley is one of the happiest babies you could know! During the session, he hardly fussed a bit, despite the extremely cold weather outside! He was just as happy as could be :) 

We started off the session at a special location for the Haddock family: The Madisonville Park! Chelsea and Trent were married at this park, so it was really sweet to be able to take some of their family portraits there! We even went to the exact spot where they had their ceremony. It was a gorgeous place! After spending a few minutes around the park, we headed to an indoor location to take the sweet kids out of the cold! We had so much fun hanging out with Reese and Shiloh while their little brother changed into a new, adorable outfit. They showed us all around the house, showed us some toys and books that they loved, and just let their little personalities show :) Reese is such a sweet, caring big sister, and Shiloh is just so energetic and full of excitement! Plus they both adore their little brother. Any chance they got, they would go up and say hi to him or lovingly touch his face. If one thing is for sure, this family loves each other a lot!

Trent and Chelsea, thank you all so much for the opportunity to work with you all! You both are obviously wonderful, loving parents, and it shows in all 3 of your children! We wish you guys all the best, and will continue to have precious Oakley in our prayers! We can’t wait to see the awesome young man he will be :)

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