Hopkinsville Portrait Photography – Les Gibbs

We’ve known Les since we were all about 12 years old, so it was a lot of fun to reunite and take some awesome head shots for him! He’s just a hilarious, talented, sweet guy and is always fun to be around. He has recently been living out some of his dreams by doing internships in the fashion industry in New York City. Now he is planning on moving there with the goal of being in theatrical productions, so he called us to get some head shots! We met Les while doing choir and musical theater, so we’ve known for years that he’s incredibly talented and has the perfect personality for show business. Needless to say, we’re thrilled for him, and absolutely can’t wait to see where all of this takes him!

Our photo shoot with Les was quick and very cold, but very successful! We knew that we just needed a few great head shots, and the biting wind was definitely not fun, especially with Les’ short sleeves, so as soon as we got the shots we needed, we were done! Thankfully, Les is a great model, and helping with editorial photo shoots in New York prepared him well! So practically every shot that we got was great, because he nailed all of them! After the session, we jumped in the car and headed to get some coffee and catch up for a while. It was great to hear about all of his adventures in New York and all of the great opportunities he’s had and is destined to continue to have! We know he’s bound for success and we are so excited for him :)


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