Hopkinsville Portrait Photography | Brexton One Year!

We CANNOT believe that sweet Brexton is a year old!! It seems like just yesterday that we were taking his mommy and daddy’s maternity pictures when he was still in mommy’s tummy! :) We absolutely love this sweet family. We had the opportunity to take Brittney and Jordan’s wedding pictures, their maternity pictures, Brexton’s newborn pictures, and now his one year pictures! It has been a joy to get to know them and watch precious Brexton grow up into an adorable little boy. Not only is he incredibly cute, but oh my goodness he was so fun to photograph! He just smiled and smiled and looked right at the camera like he knew exactly what he was supposed to do! And I mean how infectious is that little smile!? Ah we just loved every second of it. We wished Ezra had been there the whole time because we knew that he and Brexton would have loved each other :)

At the end of the session, Brexton did a little outdoor cake smash and had an absolute blast. He dove into that cake and would have eaten it to the very last bite if he could have! But we all figured it was best to clean him off before he was covered from head to toe!! We already had to use almost a whole box of wipes to clean him off :D Needless to say, cake is his thing! Such a precious moment to have captured forever :)

Guys, we absolutely love working with you and and truly consider you all to be our friends! One of these days we’re definitely going to have to get Brexton and Ezra together for a play date :)