Meet Craig

Growing up an only child, I played a lot of video games…like…a whole lot. My favorite thing to do is sing, and musical theater is a huge part of my life. One thing I will always want to do is be on Broadway! I am crazy obsessive about the pens in my office, clothes from Express, and making plans in my head for the house I will build…it will happen! I have recently gotten into CrossFit and I love to hate it. I am a perfectionist. I don’t believe in doing things half-way. I always strive to do everything the best it can be done, but sometimes wish I could be a little less demanding of myself. I am definitely the photography nerd. I love gadgets and lighting and find that most all of my spare time is spent watching online photography workshops, or listening to other artists talk about how they create some of their images. My love for photography actually began out of my love for Photoshop and photo retouching. My editing style is very natural, but I also love being able to use Photoshop to create some stand out pieces and really let my creativity flow!

Meet Kelsey

I am obsessed with coffee and have to have it every morning, at least! Ever since I first learned to read I have been in love with books and would read and write stories for fun as often as I could. I still kind of secretly want to be an author and write at least one great book in my lifetime. So basically, give me a good book or a pen and paper and a cup of good coffee and I’ll be happy for hours! I also really have a passion for makeup and have recently become a certified makeup artist. It’s really an art in and of itself and the versatility of it makes it so much fun to me! Speaking of art, that is the part of photography that really made me fall in love with it. Similarly to makeup, I have so much fun enhancing the beauty that is already there. It’s amazing to see a special, once in a lifetime moment happen in front of you and immortalize it while also turning it into a stunning piece of art! I truly feel so blessed to be able to meet tons of amazing people and create beautiful art for them as a living.

We met 14 years ago doing musical theater and instantly became best friends, so we’ve pretty much grown up together :) It definitely shows since people always used to tell us that we acted like an old married couple even before we started dating! We love working together, reading the Bible together, singing together, drinking Starbucks together.. just about anything! We’ve been married for 7 years now and find that every single day brings new and exciting things that we get to experience right along with each other!

Our two most precious  joys in life are our almost 3 year old son, Ezra, and almost 1 year old daughter, Eden. We are absolutely over the moon in love with each of them, and they definitely keep our lives interesting and full of energy! Ezra’s current hobbies include playing with monster trucks, singing his favorite songs, and playing in the mud, and Eden loves eating sweet potatoes and bananas, dancing to any music she hears, and chasing  her big brother around. We are so amazingly blessed to be their parents, and we pray each and every day for them to be happy, healthy, and to grow up to seek after God’s plan for his life.

We love working together every day. They say you should never work with your spouse, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! From the very beginning we’ve shared a common vision for our style of photography and for our business in general. Working together has been amazing, getting to help each other where we struggle, and be inspired by each other’s passion. It’s not only helped us to have an amazing business, but a wonderfully blessed and stronger marriage. Our hope is to be able to provide each of our clients with beautiful pieces of art that will be a daily reminder of how blessed they are in their own lives.